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How to Clean Leather, Be it your leather bag

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Leather accessories when they are of good quality have the advantage of lasting a long time. As it is a product that you will use frequently and for a few good years, it is normal to get dirty and need cleaning.

How to clean leather is one of the most common questions that we our clients do. In general the answer is the same no matter what accessory is the one that we are going to clean but we wanted to make a special mention for shoes and very clear leathers.

Below we detail step by step the best way to clean leather accessories.

How to clean a leather bag in 3 steps

As we mentioned before, although we will take a bag as an example, the same can be applied to any leather accessory that needs cleaning, belts, wallets … More than the leather accessory you clean, the most important will be the type of leather to be treated.

There is no formula that works for all types of leather equally. For example, suede should be treated differently than normal leather. So if you are not entirely sure what type of leather you are dealing with, we recommend that you always start the process in a not-so-visible corner, and thus, if you make a mistake it will not be catastrophic.

Said This is the matter.

  1. First of all we must clean the bag from the inside out. That is, we empty all the content and then apply the cleaning solution inside the bag with a soft cloth. If we do not have a specific cleaner we can do ours very easily. We mix two glasses of distilled water with two drops of colorless delicate hand soap. When we have finished with the interior we begin to clean the exterior, remember to use the rag well drained. We do not want excess water in our leather bag or purse.
  2. Use a dry cloth to remove excess water if any. Let the bag dry as long as necessary. Never use dryers, radiators, or direct sunlight. You can read more tips about leather care in our post HOW TO KEEP YOUR LEATHER ACCESSORIES IN PERFECT CONDITION?
  3. 3- Once your leather accessory is completely dry we will proceed to apply the protective cream. They sell specific products for leather, we recommend that you use these as they are more effective and really make a difference in keeping the leather of our bag soft and protected. Use circular movements and always remember to be gentle when cleaning or nourishing your bag, do not apply too much pressure. Pay special attention to the areas that suffer the most such as the handle, the corners or where your bag has the most friction. And voila! Bag clean and ready;)

How often do I have to clean my bag?

This will depend on how you use it. Remember, as long as you don’t use it, store it properly in a cotton bag. But if you use your bag on a daily basis we recommend that you treat the leather of the bag about once every three months. And it is that although it sounds like repeated advice, prevention is always better than cure. If your bag is always nourished and protected with the specific leather cream, it will rarely get dirty or you need to take it to a specialist in restoring and cleaning leather.

Another tip that we recommend is that you do not take your leather products right after you have put on hand cream, that is to directly call the grease stains.

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